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Being a Part of the Solution – Louise Hay

Posted by:Rana Sabeh

Louise Hay is one of my favorite people to listen to. Her affirmations and perspective are so positive and encouraging I always feel better after reading her messages in my email. She is one of the greatest spiritual teachers of our time and we are so blessed to have her with us. “I do whatever…

Embrace the Holidays with a Loving Heart – Louise Hay

Posted by:Rana Sabeh

[rss-feed-icon] The holiday season is not only a time to rejoice with family and friends but also an opportunity to share love everywhere you go. You can do this by spending some moments going back in time and remembering the very best holiday season you had as a child. Bring the memory up in your…

Welcome the New Year With Love – Louise Hay

Posted by:Rana Sabeh

[rss-feed-icon] The New Year is almost upon us. Let’s welcome 2017 with love and joy. Know that what we give out comes back to us multiplied. This year will be different from any other we have lived. Our knowledge and understanding will grow and deepen in new ways. Our capacity for compassion will expand. Our…


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